Pule O Ikaika Ohana
For our clients For the general public

Our organization's primary goal is to create original projects, where our clients will have the chance to come in and learn about the process. This will provide real world working experience, and the chance for our clients to build their resumes.

We also provide equipment and cast/crew for projects created by our clients. By doing this we provide support for our clients to be able to express themselves, and support them in their endeavours.

In addition, we are proud to offer several initiatives that provide a direct link between our clients and the public.

  • For clients that eventually move on to become staff, we offer the opportunity to showcase their work on this website.
  • For clients that wish to tell their story and raise public awareness to what their lives are like both in the military and in the years afterwards. We do this to help erase any negative stigma surrounding military members and to provide a genuine look into the lives of our clients. Those stories will be featured on our social media accounts, including facebook and instagram. Each story will include the option to be sponsored by the public directly. That means that 100% of anything donated will go directly to you!

We work in the media fields of photography, videography, 3D design, woodworking, metalworking, costume design, and special effects makeup. On the tech side, we work in web design, web development, and other emerging technologies.

When we are hired by the general public, our team, which includes our staff and trained clients, brings all of our military professionalism and expertise to the work you need completed. Please contact us to get started.